Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Special: Leningrad Cowboys And the Russian Red Army Choir

I found one piece of that morning in Blip ... now I´m addicted to that special version ;-)

When I was young, something like that would never had happenend!!! O.k., the Finnish guys have been always special ;-)

First of all a classical of our Russian guys

... and now this very special mix ... I´m amused!
Delilah ... o.k., I was singing ;-)
Those Were The Days My Friend
Sweet Home Alabama ... don´t forget to have a look at the Russian orchestra and all the balalaika playing guys
Knocking On A Heavens Door ... That gives me creeps!
Gimme Alle Your Loving ... Amazing version ... if anyone is still in bad mood, let me know!!! ... I love it!!!!
Seems, that Polka and Rock´n Roll are a kind of neighbours
Glory Halleluja ... Russian are singing the Americans Traditional ... amazing! ...
Volga Boatmen/Happy Together ... just wait ... and there will start happy together in a special version!!
Yellow Submary/Proud Mary
Just A Gigolo
Stairway To Heaven ... wow ...

... I´m very surprised. I have seen this stuff for the first time.

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